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CD-ROM / Visions of IBLARD/ 18 / $17

It includes 287 images, and special 5 musics for Iblard and etc.
Paitings titles have also been translated into English!

weight : 90g
by ART SPACE Co. Ltd. in 2003
detailes , outside of the package , inside

BOOK / Sekai wa anata no Collection/ 35.5 / $32.5
(Art Book) "The World is your collection", "Le monde est ta collection"
Titles have also been translated into English and French!
weight : 380g
Published by Cacoosha Co. Ltd. in 2001
Sample photo

CD-ROM / 36 / $32.5 / sold out
A journey through Iblard (CD-ROM with a collection of paintings,games,etc.)
Size : 12.5cmx14.5cm / weight : 90g
Published by SynForest Co. Ltd. in 1996
Awarded the "Asahi Shimbun Prize" in the 1997 Japan Software Grand Prix
Includes approximately 150 paintings, and a narrated walk-through of the famous children`s book, "A Journey through Iblard. " Also includes comic strips from the "Tales of Iblard" comic book$B!"(Band a special gallery called "Wandering-around-Iblard," where one can enjoy secret entrances and endless journeys through Iblard. The CD is also equiped with an art gallery, an Iblard dictionary, and an Iblard world map! With all these programes one can understand and enjoy Iblard from all angles! Also includes an original soundtrack with 28 tracks.
use for Windows 2000,Me,98,95,3.1 / Macintosh / Japanese only

Iblard CD-ROM / 36 / $32.5 / sold out
Second CD-ROM, "The World of Iblard" (with a collection of paintings, games, stories,etc.)
Size : 12.5cmx14.5cm / weight : 90g
Published by SynForest Co. Ltd.
The "Iblard Gallery" in this CD includes over 160 paintings, from early unpublished works to the artists lastest works. The CD-ROM also includes a "Variation Gallery" and a "Close-up Gallery". In a section called "The Making if Iblard," the viewer is given a detailed lesson (narrated by Mr Inoue himself!) showing the variuos stages of development of a painting from Iblard. Also includes an original soundtrack with 8 tracks
use for Windows 2000,Me,98,95,3.1 / Macintosh /Japanese only

BOOK / Iblard Hakubutushi (1) / 27 / $24
(Art Book)/"The Natural History of Iblard"
96pages / 113 color images / weight : 490g
Year : 1975-1993
Size : 20cmx23cm
Published by Cacoosha Co. Ltd. in 1994

BOOK / Sora no Niwa, Hoshi no Umi / 27 / $24
(Art Book)/ Second volume of$B!!(Bthe Natural History of Iblard$B!!(Bseries entitled, "Gardens of the Sky, Stars of the Sea"
96pages / 108 color images / weight : 490g
Year : 1973-1996
Size : 20cmx23cm
Published by Cacoosha Co. Ltd. in 1997

BOOK / Zipangu no Kishibe (3) / 28 / $25
(Art Book) / Book three of the Natural History of Iblard series entitled, "Seashores of Zipangu"
120pages / 144 color images / weight : 550g
Year : 1994-1999
Size : 20cmx23cm
Published by Cacoosha Co. Ltd. in 1999

POSTCARD BOOK / Tasoukai Reijitu / 9 / $8.5
Collection of Iblard postcards
21pages / 21 colorful postcards >>>all images can be seen here
Size : 11.7cmx18.3cm / weight : 160g
Published by Cacoosha Co. Ltd. in 1999

POSTCARD BOOK / Megezo no ita hi / 9 / $8.5 / sold out
Collection of Iblard postcards
20pages / 19 colorful postcards
Size : 10.5cmx15cm / weight : 150g
Published by Sanrio Co. Ltd. in 2001
A small post-card book featuring a collection of pictures of the popular Iblard character,"Megezo." Megezo is a peculiar elephant-resembling fairy who often appears in Iblard. According to legend, first-class wizards and migicians who encounter Megezo become second class and or inactive. However, children seem to love this curious fairy.

BOOK / Iblard no Tabi / 15 / $14
A Journey through Iblard (Children`s book)
20 pages / 18 color images
Size : 24.5cmx27cm / weight : 490g
published by Cacoosha Co. Ltd. in 1995
A wonderful children`s book where one has the joy of taking a train ride through Iblard. Written and illustrated By Inoue Naohisa.

BOOK / Iblard Monogatari / 9 / $8.5
"Tales of Iblard"/(Comic book)
Size : 21cmx15cm / 209 pages /weight : 430g
Published by Seishinsha Co. Ltd. in 1995
A comic book written By Inoue Naohisa featuring all the main characters of Iblard. The book consists of multiple short stories such as "The Legend of Megezo","How to get home from the Market","The awakening of a Laputa," which introduce us to these main characters and their powers. This book is also the key to learning the unique words, expressions and objects of Iblard.

BOOK / Baron no Kureta Monogatari / 22 / $20 / sold out
"The Story which Baron gave to Me"/(Art book+movie guide)Featuring the making of scenes from "Whisper of the heart" / "Si tu tends l'oreille" >>> Link
91 pages / all color images
Size : 21cmx29.5cm / weight : 550g
Published by Tokuma Shoten, Studio Ghibli in 1995
Supervised by Miyazaki Hayao
This book features a combination of illustrations and story boards drawn by Miyazaki Hayao as well as scenes painted by Inoue Naohisa for "Whisper of the Heart." The book also includes an art lesson by Inoue.

Megezo doll / 27 / $25 / sold out
produced by TV ASAHI, Co.Ltd.
Height : 16cm / weight : 180g
by TV ASAHI Co.Ltd. in 1997
This Megezo doll was created when Playstation released its Iblard game. Megezo is a very popular Iblard character!

Limited Prints / 630 / $580
"Borrowed Garden"
Image size : 43cmx38cm / without frame
Edition size : 200
Paper : Velin d'arche
Technique of printing : Giclee
Supervised and signed by Naohisa INOUE
Published by ART SPACE Co. Ltd.
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